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Making patients' outcomes the only focus.

We help to empower independent physicians like you to spend more time with patients, and less on other tasks. By providing the tools, insights, and processes needed, our partners can care for their patients even better.

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is Better

Knowing more about patients allows you to identify issues sooner, and treat them earlier. This is how Better Health happens.

The Why

Three disjointed parties unable to deliver optimal care.


Predominantly receiving reactive treatments as opposed to proactive care. Long term health outcomes continue to diminish.


Providers are forced to spend less time with patients in order to complete the administrative duties related to those patients.

1:2 hrs

For every 1 hour of clinical face time 2 hours are spent on EHR and other administrative work.

Studies found that physicians spent 27.0% of their time on direct clinical face time while they spent an additional 49.2% of their time on EHR and desk work.

Sinsky, Christine, Lacey Colligan, Ling Li, Mirela Prgomet, Sam Reynolds, Lindsey Goeders, Johanna Westbrook, Michael Tutty, and George Blike. “Allocation of Physician Time in Ambulatory Practice: A Time and Motion Study in 4 Specialties.” Annals of Internal Medicine 165, no. 11 (2016): 753.


Providers are not equipped to effectively provide care in a value based system. Payors face increased risk as the industry rapidly evolves.


Currently, over $1.5T is spent on Medicare and Medicaid healthcare. Providers are not presently capable of providing effective care in a Value Based Care environment.

As healthcare programs migrate to this new Value Based world, the need for support and expertise only continues to increase.

NHE fact sheet. CMS. (n.d.). Retrieved October 1, 2021, from

The Solution

Provide the right tools, support, and insight. At the right time.

We make it easy for you to provide Better Care. By removing the complexity of Value Based Care, you can leverage our solutions and support to provide your patients even better care. We make it easy to serve your patients while remaining independent.

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Your entire patient panel can benefit from our patient first approaches.

Medicare Eligible

Supporting your Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients.

Medicaid Eligible

Specialized resources for your Traditional Medicaid patients.

Medicaid Eligible

Specialized resources for your Traditional Medicaid patients.

Commercial Insurance

We provide the solutions to support your patients with private insurance.

We make it easy to serve your patients and provide the care they deserve.

Intuitive Processes

Too much time is wasted completing repetitive and unproductive tasks. We’ve crafted best practices into automated processes that reduce your team's workloads.

What's this?

Human Solutions

We empower you to be where your patients need you, when they need you. A dedicated team of 400+ highly trained team members is at your patients’ disposal.

What's this?

Actionable Intelligence

We convert data into intelligence you can actually use. Our solutions will help surface the information you need to effectively prioritize the needs of your patients, when you need it.

What's this?

We obsess over the technology so you don’t have to.

We consistently innovate and implement leading technologies at the core of everything we do. It’s what enables us to provide you with patient insights when you need them, automate repetitive tasks, and just make it easy to do what you need to do.

All the tools you need, but none of the cost.

The Results

Pioneering Value Based Care by making it easy to do the right thing.

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Care Better

quality of care
What's this?


Value Based Care performed better in 17 of 22 clinical quality of care measures than traditional fee for service.

The measures reviewed belong to three distinct categories: Preventive screening and therapy services, inpatient and outpatient services, and management of prescription drugs.

“Report: Positive Outcomes for High- Need, High-Cost Beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage Compared to Traditional Fee-for-Service Medicare.” Better Medicare Alliance. Accessed October 4, 2021.

Leveraging your patients’ data, we will provide you with valuable insights to detect issues sooner, and more accurately.

Providing proactive care, once again.
human solutions

Be Everywhere

supporting team members
What's this?


We have recruited and trained over 400 of the most purpose driven team members to support your patients when they need it the most.

From patient management to medication adherence, our team is here to help better the care of each of your patients.

Your patients need more attention than your time allows. We provide you with skilled team members to support you and your patients.

Supporting your patients when they need it.
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Earn More

increased earnings
What's this?

We provide the tools and training to help you move thrive in a Value Based Care model. It’s complicated, but doesn’t need to be.

It pays to improve patient outcomes.

It is my pleasure to be part of such a wonderful team of workers that goes the extra mile to help us achieve our goals. It is comforting to know that there is always a helping hand on the other side of the phone.

Dr. Luz Rosario
RM Healthcare, LLC

Physician Partners took us by the hand, taught and guided us. This resulted in much more systematic & effective Primary Care Practice and dare I say it, a more profitable and less stressful practice.

Dr. Manny Hernandez
Dr. Manny's Hair Restoration Center, Inc.

Physician Partners are the eyes and ears behind the Office. They help with the goals on the achievement for better health.

Dr. Jose Lopez
Central Florida Total Health Care Inc.

Thank you for all of the help that you give to our practice. You guys are the best.

Dr. Iraj Golzari
Gulfmed Centers, Inc.
Value Based Care - 5 Stars

With the most elusive rating possible, our results are our credibility.

We consistently rank #1 in payor Star ratings. Regularly exceeding 5-Star thresholds, even on triple-weighted measures, is due to our processes and solutions that physicians leverage to provide unparalleled care.

About us

We are the intersection of patients, providers, and payors.


Conceived by physicians

In 2006, we were founded by physicians for physicians. We attempted to make it easy to do the right thing. So, we designed the solutions that physicians need to excel in this new environment while still retaining control of their practice.

Physician Partners - conceived by physicians

Operated by excellence

Our leaders have been pioneers of healthcare for decades. Their experiences and unique perspectives allow for us to provide offerings that truly make a difference.

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